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GMS Glass Eye Wash Cup

SRP: $13.14
Price: $10.95
SKU: GMS10218
UPC: 636422102185
Brand: GMS Optical
Item Specs
Material Glass
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GMS Glass Eye Wash Cup by GMS Optical in Eyewash Cup.

Give your eyes a bath!

The GMS Glass Eye Wash Cup is perfect for removing irritants or soothing irritated eyes. 

Cleanse and refresh the eye using the GMS Glass Eye Wash Cup.

  • Smooth glass design - no sharp edges
  • Large circumference for a better fit
  • 10 mL cup
  • Remove irritants and allergens 
  • Improve circulation in the eye
  • Soothe tired or dry eyes
  • Reduce infection and bacteria
  • Eliminate dust & dirt
  • Cleanse & refresh the eye

Eye Wash Cup Dimensions

Height: 2.0"
Base Diameter: 1.65"
Cup Length: 1.85"
Cup Width: 1.32"
Cup Volume: 10mL
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