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GMS Optical Foam Nose Pads - Black (15 Count)

SRP: $7.14
Price: $5.95
UPC: 636422236156
Brand: GMS Optical
Nose Pad Design
Size 15 mm
Shape Oval
Mount Type Adhesive
Material Foam
Color Black
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GMS Optical Foam Nose Pads - Black (15 Count) by GMS Optical in Nose Pads.

GMS Optical Self Adhesive Soft Foam Nose Pads

Soft foam rubber nose pads worn on the bridge to provide cushion and comfort.


  • Self adhesive
  • 15 mm oval shape
  • Keeps glasses from slipping while adding comfort and support
  • 15 count


Instructions: Clean bridge area of glasses thoroughly to remove any dirt or oil. Peel nose pads from backing and press firmly in place.

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