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GMS Optical Nose Pads - Round Push-In/Screw-In Combo

SRP: $7.176
Price: $5.98
SKU: GMS27309 - Series
UPC: 636422273090
Brand: GMS Optical
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GMS Optical Nose Pads - Round Push-In/Screw-In Combo by GMS Optical in Nose Pads.

GMS Optical Nose Pads - Logic® Round Push-In/Screw-In Combination

These replacement nose pads are round shaped and can be used with eye wear that requires a push-in or screw-in style mount. These versatile nose pads work with glasses that require either. Replace those lost, broken or yellowing nose pads with some fresh, soft, no-slip silicone nose pads.


  • Can be used for most glasses that require and push-in or screw-in mount type
  • Made of soft silicone which can reduce eye wear slippage
  • Easy to replace, and great to have on hand just in case
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