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GMS Optical Foam Nose Pads - Peach (15 Count)

SRP: $7.14
Price: $5.95
UPC: 636422236156
Brand: Pro-Optics
Nose Pad Design
Size 15 mm
Shape Oval
Mount Type Adhesive
Material Foam
Color Peach
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GMS Optical Foam Nose Pads - Peach (15 Count) by Pro-Optics in Nose Pads.

GMS Optical Self Adhesive Soft Foam Nose Pads

Soft foam rubber nose pads worn on the bridge to provide cushion and comfort.


  • Self adhesive
  • Keeps glasses from slipping
  • Contains 15 peach nose pads


Instructions: Clean bridge area of glasses thoroughly to remove any dirt or oil. Peel nose pads from backing and press firmly in place.

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